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Ecolube BN2 Spray is a Premium Boron Nitride aerosol spray product, ideal for applying a coating of BN to small items or complicated shapes.

Ecolube BN2 Spray

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This type of primer can be used on ceramic moulds but is ideal for stainless steel moulds because you do not need to heat them for the primer to adhere;

    • You can spray on the Boron Nitride at room temperature.

    • Apply 3-4 light coats.

    • 70-75 linear yards of primer. 

    • Excellent release properties with low layer thicknesses

    • Not recommended for casting temperatures

    • Great for slumping temperatures and stainless steel moulds.


    Electrically insulating on ceramic and metal parts • Protective layer for steel casting nozzles • Lubricant for dies, moulds etc. for release • Protective layer for molten glasses • Protective layer for pure graphite crucible

    Size: 500ml

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