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Ecolube GR2 Spray is a Premium Grade High Temperature Micronized Graphite Spray for Dry Lubrification

Ecolube GR2 Spray

  • ECOLUBE GR2 SPRAY is a compound of micronized graphite that after the solvent’s evaporation leaves a uniform and adherent layer on metallic, ceramic and glassy surfaces.


    • Shake well before use.
    • Spray on clean surfaces from a distance of approx. 30cm (12 in.) at a temperature below 35°C, building several thin and homogeneous coats.
    • Wait for solvent’s evaporation.
    • After use, turn the can over and spray briefly to clean the nozzle.


    • Lubricant for dies and metal parts in die casting, aluminium extrusion, shell and pressure die casting.
    • Dry lubricant for high temperature working parts.
    • Antisticking treatment for wood cores in sand casting.
    • Releasing coating for diamond wheels and abrasive tools.

    Size: 400ml

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