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About us

Wirral Fospray has been a market leader for over 45 years in the Aluminium Extrusion Industry. Our Headquarters are in North Wales, we also have sales offices around the world in France, Italy, South Africa and the Middle East.

Our story

Wirral Fospray has evolved over 45 years into well renowned market leaders. Based in North Wales, the company provides a full service to aluminium extrusion industries worldwide. We manufacture a range of quality products for companies where heat resistant fabrics are essential: Conveyor belts (hot and cold), Walking beam conveyor strips, Roller covers, High temperature conveyor strips, Roller discs, Stillage arm sleeves and base strips, Spacer bars, Spacer bar sleeves/pads, high temperature pads and oven mitts. Wirral Fospray also specialise in lubricants, powders and chemicals for the industry.

Here you can learn about our products and services which we offer. If you have a specific problem, please feel free to contact our office or sales team directly.


45 Year Experience

With our 45 year experience we have worked closely with customers to create products that fit their individual needs.

Our product development is based on a pro-active approach, along with our ongoing research and knowledge which means our finished products are second to none.

The company places an emphasis on flexibility and versatility so that a high level of technical service is provided, but unnecessary administration is kept to a minimum, thereby ensuring real efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Systems Development

All systems are carefully developed and assessed to protect the user and the environment as well as providing the most up to date and highly effective product to the customer.


Our products are systematically improved and adjusted and the range constantly developed giving the very best product performance that is approved by major manufacturers and plant and equipment suppliers throughout the world.

Sales Enquiry - contact our team today Telephone: +44 (0) 1244 520 202

Over 700 Customers Worldwide

As well as supplying the bakery and glass making industries such as Allied bakery, Warburton’s Bakeries etc.

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