Wirral Fospray Ltd. manufacture bespoke spray systems for the Aluminium Extrusion process. We can manufacture bespoke systems for: billet, hot/cold saw and shear blade lubrification.

Billet Spray System

The Wirral Fospray Billet spray system is a bespoke system designed especially for Aluminium Extrusion industry. The main process of the system is to produce a thin layer of lubricant on the straight side of a billet in order for the billet not to stick on the press. The cowl and nozzle are designed to achieve this outcome.

Each nozzle has the latest technology designed and developed through feedback from aluminium extruders, to guarantee a consistent spray pattern and dispersion ratio.

Sequencing and opening times are designed specifically to be controlled by the signal from the press.

All necessary and appropriate information on the installation and operation of the system will be supplied.


All our installations have been proven to be fully operational at temperatures of around 570°.

The billet spray systems use premium, carefully selected components which are all CE compliant

Shear Spray System

The Wirral Fospray Shear Spray System is a fully automated system which is accompanied by a 5 litre reservoir to hold the liquid. Our state-of-the-art system has two nozzles which are attached and spray either side of the butt shear for maximum coverage.

In conjunction with this system we offer a semi-synthetic lubricant which can be used in small amounts on the butt shear increasing this systems cost-effectiveness.


WF Billet Spray System

WF Shear Spray System

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As well as supplying the bakery and glass making industries such as Allied bakery, Warburton’s Bakeries etc.

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For over 45 years we have been manufacturing a range of products related to the aluminium extrusion industry and where heat resistant fabrics are essential.

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