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Liquid/Spray Products

Wirral Fospray are manufacturers of lubricants for the aluminium extrusion industry.

We can supply:

• Hot and Cold Saw lubricants for profile cutting
• High temperature release agents for dummy blocks
and billets
• Lubricants specifically designed for the butt
and log shears.

BN2 Spray - 1.jpg

BNA1 - Boron Nitride Wax Applicator


Ecolube BN Wax Crayons

Ecolube BN1 - Premium Boron Nitride Powder


Ecolube BN2 - Premium Boron Nitride Aerosol 


Ecolube BN3 - Premium Boron Nitride Paste


Ecolube BN4- Premium Boron Nitride Liquid Release Agent


Ecolube 7BN - Premium Liquid Release Agent

Ecolube GR2 - Graphite Aerosol

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Our Products

Wirral Fospray are Market leaders and sole suppliers for most large extrusion companies throughout the world.


Conveyor Belts

Designed to withstand the stresses and heat of the transfer processes keeping the belt at peak performance.

Graphite Products

Specialist Graphite products for the Aluminium extrusion and die-cast industry


Conveyor Rollers

Made from high quality materials combinations that withstand the heat and stresses put on the rollers keeping the extrusion damage free.


Spacer Sleeves and Strips

Manufactured in different materials to suit the varied requirements of the ageing and stacking process.


Conveyor Strips/Pads

Designed to withstand the stresses and heat of the various parts of the transfer processes, made to the design you require.


Dummy Blocks

With our knowledge of the aluminium extrusion process and our previous experiences with testing dummy blocks, we are extremely proud to have achieved a desired product that is both beneficial and reliable.  

Helping Hand

Liquid/Spray Products

Engineering and Clothing

Produced to exacting standards that will help with the reduction of wear and tear on machine parts. Liquid lubricants developed for Aluminium Extrusion.

Specialist in supply of High Temperature consumables for the extrusion industry

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