Graphite Products

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Wirral Fospray manufacture premium grade Graphite products for Extrusion, Machining and manufacturing companies worldwide.


Machined run-out plates and guides for the Aluminium Extrusion Industry.

Flat, bevelled or round in cross-section machined to suit any extrusion equipment.

Carefully selected grades of graphite to suit application.

We can also achieve fast turn-around for breakdown situations.


  • Extremely Low Carbon Pick-Up on Extrusions

  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock

  • Low coefficient to thermal expansion

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Non-Wetting

All graphite slats/run-out plates can be designed and manufactured at any dimension in varying thicknesses. We can quote for any products once we have received the relevant drawing.


WF Extrusion Graphite (EG-LP)

WF Ecolube GR2 Spray

If you require a specification sheet for any of the products listed, please contact us.

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Our Products

Wirral Fospray are Market leaders and sole suppliers for most large extrusion companies throughout the world.


Conveyor Belts

Designed to withstand the stresses and heat of the transfer processes keeping the belt at peak performance.


Dummy Blocks/Tooling

In partnership to provide the Aluminium industry globally with effective interactive tooling solutions.


Conveyor Rollers

Made from high quality materials combinations that withstand the heat and stresses put on the rollers keeping the extrusion damage free.


Spacer Sleeves and Strips

Manufactured in different materials to suit the varied requirements of the ageing and stacking process supplied in Aluminium or Mild Steel.


Conveyor Strips/Pads

Designed to withstand the stresses and heat of the various parts of the transfer processes, made to the design you require.


Liquid/Spray Products

Produced to exacting standards that will help with the reduction of wear and tear on machine parts. Liquid lubricants developed for Aluminium Extrusion.